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Simple Ways to Cut Energy Costs at Your Business

by On Dec 27 2016

Energy costs can take a big chunk out of your business’ bottom line. All successful businesses want to attract customers, add employees, and, most importantly, expand profits. Energy efficiency can help achieve these goals. Here are a few areas where you can reduce energy usage and boost your business’ bottom line:


Landscaping can cost an arm and a leg up front, but it will save you costs in the long run! If you plan on staying in one building for more than a couple of years, it’s essential to shade your building with trees in this Texas heat. Doing so will keep your office cooler and lead to lower air conditioning costs. Landscaping requires an investment, but the savings add up after days, months, and years!


Changing your A/C filters is a simple but effective way to cut costs! Are you doing this monthly? The cost of buying new filters in bulk will be far less than the energy consumption you burn with poor air filtration. If possible, have a certified technician perform routine maintenance on your A/C unit at least twice a year to maximize your potential for long-term energy savings.


A lot of ‘90s and early-2000s electrical equipment is far less energy-efficient than newer products. With widespread technological initiatives to save on energy usage, more current TVs, computers, and monitors can save you money over their predecessors. Buying 25 new computers won’t sound appetizing to whoever handles your books, but study their energy consumption. After some hard number crunching, you may see some significant savings over the long run.


Did you know that keeping a refrigerator half-stocked saves more energy than having it empty? Finding a happy medium between packing the fridge full and leaving it completely empty will save you a few bucks each billing cycle.

Want more energy-saving tips? Learn more about our commercial rates and how you can save on electricity today!