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Tips to Lower the Electricity Cost of Refrigerator and Freezer

by On Aug 3 2017

Your refrigerator and freezer, depending on their size and age, can use a great deal of electricity and slowly rack up costs on your electricity bill. The good news is, there are several ways that you can make your refrigerator more energy-efficient in order to lower your energy bill. The first refrigerator was created in 1913, and we’ve come a long way in energy-efficient technology. Here are a few ways you can lower your electricity bill through a more efficient refrigerator and freezer:


Fridge and Freezer Efficiency Tips

  • How old is your refridgerator? It may be time for a new one. New, Energy Star refrigerators consume much less energy than older ones.
  • When purchasing a new refrigerator, keep in mind how large of a fridge you need. In a small apartment or home, you may only need a small, apartment-sized fridge which use less electricity.
  • Cover all liquids before placing them in the refrigerator. Excess moisture can require the it to use more electricity.
  • If a new fridge isn’t in your budget, consider replacing the rubber seal on the door of both your fridge and freezer. As the seal breaks down over the years, your unit will have to work harder to keep your food cold.
  • Avoid storing your freezer in your garage. The high temperatures in your garage can make the freezer work harder than it needs to, therefore using more electricity.
  • Clean your condenser coils. These coils remove the warmth from your unit, but they can become dusty and more inefficient with time. If the coils are easily accessible underneath or on the back of the fridge, dust them off.


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