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Go Green With Sun-loving Houseplants

by On Dec 18 2017

We’re always talking about going green here at Discount Power. Today, we’re talking about a different kind of green—houseplants! In Texas, there’s plenty of sunlight to go around. While that might seem like a great thing for your houseplants, many houseplants can be scorched by too much sunlight. There are plenty of plants perfect for Texas’ sunny climate, however. In a south-facing room especially, these types of plants are sure to thrive:

Aloe Vera

This plant is a perfect, hard-to-kill plant for sunny windowsills. It will also add to your first aid kit! The plant’s sap is known for providing relief for minor cuts and burns. Plant yours in a heavy terra cotta pot to support its top-heavy growth and encourage air circulation.

Snake Plant

This is another plant that is known for being hard to kill, and you can find it at nearly every garden center. If you’re new to houseplants, this is the one for you. Snake plants thrive in bright light but can grow in shady conditions as well. Eventually, your snake plant could reward your new green thumb with fragrant white flowers.


The croton plant can be just as vibrant as fresh flowers, as its leaves grow into a variety of colors. These plants need warm weather to grow and don’t grow well when temperatures drop below 60F. You must be careful not to overwater it, but this is still a good choice for beginners.

Jade Plant

The jade plant has more interesting leaves than the average houseplant. As a succulent, you have to wait until the soil is dry to water it and it can live through short periods of drought. They can also live for decades as an indoor plant due to how slowly they grow.

Ponytail Plant

The ponytail plant looks just like its name sounds. It has frizzy foliage and a thick trunk. This is a great plant for your kitchen or family room, as it’s not too large. This is another plant that is cared for like succulents, so be careful not to overwater it.

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