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7 Recipes for Your Holiday Cookie Swap

by On Dec 4 2017

Baking is a holiday tradition for many families, and many neighborhoods across the country are making this tradition even more fun by hosting cookie swaps. At a cookie swap, each person brings a different kind of holiday cookie to swap with friends. This delicious party requires a great cookie recipe, so we’ve gathered a few of the Discount Power staff’s favorite holiday cookie recipes. Let’s get baking!

  1. Melted Snowman Cookies
    These cookies are guaranteed to melt your heart. All you need is sugar cookies, white frosting, and marshmallows to begin making these melted snowman cookies.
  2. Candy Cane Cookies
    These minty cookies look like candy canes and couldn’t be cuter. They’re a good option if you’re baking with small children, who will love playing around with the dough.
  3. Pinwheel Cookies
    These slice-and-bake cookies look store-bought, but they’re easily homemade! Making the dough only requires one bowl, so cleanup is easy.
  4. Jam Sandwich Cookies
    These cookies look like expensive bakery treaters, but they’re easy to make and beautiful. The article even shows you how to make decorative cookie boxes.
  5. Wreath Cookies
    We’ve all seen reindeer and snowman cookies, but how about wreath-shaped cookies? With a little extra food color and icing, there are endless possibilities for decorating these.
  6. Light Spice Cookies
    These cookies look simple, but when you take a bite you’ll be amazed by the flavor of light cinnamon and ginger and spices.
  7. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti
    Try something a little different! These cranberry pistachio biscotti will pair perfectly with a cup of hot coffee after dinner. When you bring these to your cookie swap, bring coffee, too!

At Discount Power, we’re getting into the holiday spirit! Head over to our blog for more family-friendly ideas for the holidays.