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7 Tips to Eliminate Drafts in Your Home

by On Jan 15 2017

Texas is a warm state—who’d want to change that? As a result, however, most homes here aren’t built for the cold. Come wintertime, many homes can become drafty and chilly, causing families to crank up the heat to stay warm indoors. The only problem is, while the chill in the air leaks into your home, the heat is leaking out! That can add up to big bucks before winter is through.

If you’re particularly industrious, you can grab a caulking gun and try to seal up every crack, nook, and niche in your house. Typically, though, the drafts that really lower the temperature in your home come through much larger openings, like door and windows. Because we here at Discount Power never want to see our friends and customers pay more than they have to for electricity just to stay comfortable in their own homes, we’ve collected seven solid tips for eliminating the winter drafts in your house. Bundle up and get to work—these tips could save you up to 10 percent off your electric bill during the winter months!

  1. Add functional shutters.
    They’re not just for decoration, you know! Thick, hinged shutters can be opened in summer to provide shade and shed rain, and shut in winter to block drafts and protect windows from strong (even hurricane-force) winds.
  1. Hang portieres in open doorways.
    Portieres are floor-length drapes hung in doorways between rooms, and they’re an attractive wintertime option for keeping the house warm. These thick curtains look lovely and keep drafts in wide halls or unused rooms from making their way into warm spaces. They help keep the house a lot quieter, too!
  1. Hang warm, thick drapes.
    They’re not just for doorways! Nice, thick, winter drapes do a great job of stopping drafts from seeping through windows into your rooms. Want even more warmth? Start with blinds or shades and layer heavy drapes on top. Add shutters, and consider your windows draft-free!
  1. Insulate your attic.

It’s important to make sure your attic is properly insulated. Be sure to seal areas where exhaust fans, attic stairs, and small holes allow cool air to seep into your home. Foam insulation and weather stripping can be added to the plywood or drywall in your attic to help seal up those areas.

  1. Plug your fireplace.

Chimneys are built to let heat and smoke out. They’re also great at letting cold air in! The damper inside your chimney won’t entirely keep the cold away. A great way to stop drafts from fireplaces is to insert a piece of thick, foam insulation covered with pretty fabric into the fireplace opening when you aren’t using the fireplace—which shouldn’t be too often during the winter!

  1. Defend your home with landscaping.

Shrubs and trees planted around your home can help protect it both from the wind in the winter and the sun in the summer. You may not love the needles, but an evergreen tree in front of your house can protect your home from the wind, keeping the cold air from hitting your house and windows directly.

  1. Let the sunshine in.
    Always open any curtains on south-facing windows during the day to let the sun warm your rooms. If your southern windows do not get much sun (because trees or shrubs are blocking the light, for example), consider moving or removing them.

Some may balk at the expense associated with some of these draft-killing tips, but they will pay for themselves by saving you money on your electric bills every winter. Want to save money on your next winter electric bill right away? That’s easy! Sign up today and make the switch to Discount Power! No matter the season, we offer great rates and great service—simple!