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Being Eco-Friendly: Pet Edition

by On Dec 15 2015

Being eco-friendly isn’t just for humans! As pet owners, there are changes we can make to ensure that our four-legged friends are being environmentally friendly. Grab a notepad and pen, because it’s time to find out how pet owners can be eco-friendly!


Buy the right kitty litter.
Did you know that Americans use more than two million tons of kitty litter annually? Most kitty litters are made of nasty chemicals that cause them to clump. Consider substituting your traditional kitty litter with old, shredded newspapers or purchase eco-friendly litters, like cedar chips at your local pet store.


Make your own treats.
Pets love their treats, so why not give them a yummy snack that’s eco-friendly too! Making your own treats not only saves you money, but it reduces the waste that would come from the packaging used in purchased treats. Plus, most of the ingredients you need to bake their snacks are already in your pantry! Give this recipe for tasty Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits a try!


Use biodegradable waste bags.
You know those old grocery bags you use to pick up your pet’s waste? Those take hundreds of years to decompose. As an alternative, try using biodegradable waste bags. They’re available at most pet stores and they decompose faster than the traditional plastic bag. Some can even be flushed down the toilet!


Even buying eco-friendly pet toys can help reduce your pet’s carbon (paw)print! We want to know how your pet is going green. Tweet us and let us know!


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