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Discount Power: How We Look Out For You

by On Oct 22 2014

Have you ever felt like energy companies are out to get you? Do you feel like they cut corners and mislead you in order to squeeze every penny out of you while providing you with mediocre customer service?

Discount Power was created with a view to correcting what we think is wrong with the industry.

Don’t get us wrong, like all other electricity providers out there we are in the business to make money – however, we firmly believe that it is possible to make money by doing right by you, the consumer. And by making sure that we provide you with the best value and best-in-class customer service. After all, in a business where every single person is a potential customer, why would a company have to use tricks and confusion to make money?  Which is why, here at Discount Power, we are committed to providing you competitive rates, simple plans and friendly customer service.

Great Rates.

Unlike the unpredictable weather in Texas, you can count on Discount Power to provide reliably low rates. Our contracts are designed to ensure you have a nice low rate through all the tumultuous changes in the Texas electricity market. We are dedicated to providing you with the lowest rates possible so that you can enjoy keeping your home lit and comfortable year round without having to break the bank or change your lifestyle (like having to stay up late to do the laundry at night as your rates are cheaper then!) Our energy plans offer the flexibility ofelectric choice coupled with the security of a low fixed rate.

You may wonder, “Does it cost anything to switch to Discount Power?” The answer to that question is “absolutely not!” We don’t believe its right to charge a customer to sign up with us. When you choose to sign up with Discount Power, you are offering your hand to us as a sign of trust, and we will take your hand and lead you to cheap electricity and excellent customer service. And yes, it never costs anything to call us if you have any questions (unlike some other providers who charge you for customer service calls!)

Great Service.

Next, you might think, “Yes, they have great rates, but how do I know their customer service is good?” We at Discount Power firmly believe that in a commodity business like electricity, where everyone’s product is the same, customer service is what distinguishes us from the rest. We have a near-fanatical focus on customer service, and you will experience that from the day you switch to us. Unlike at other companies, at Discount Power, the customer is not a number, but the very reason for our being in business. And we treat you like we would like to be treated ourselves.

Also at Discount Power, we take our customers’ confidential information very seriously. In this day of age when personal information is constantly being leaked, know that this will never happen with us. Your account information will never be sold to third parties for marketing purposes. Your information may be provided to the Public Utility Commission, but like Discount Power, they will safeguard your information from prying eyes.


To sign up or see our plans, visit us online at www.discountpowertx.com or call us at 877-909-7693. You have the right and the power to choose your energy provider, and Discount Power is here to provide you with low rates and excellent service!