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Discount Power (Texas) Reaches Twin Milestones of 50,000 Customers and 100,000 RCEs

by On Feb 16 2016

HOUSTON – Houston, Texas based Discount Power disclosed that it crossed the 50,000 customer threshold earlier this month. At the same time, the company’s RCE (Residential Customer Equivalent) count crossed the 100,000 mark. Furthermore, the company announced that its revenues for 2015 were greater than $50MM and projects these to double in 2016.

Volterra Energy LLC acquired Discount Power in March 2014. Run by a team of retail electricity veterans, the company has, in less than two years, reached 50,000 customers and 100,000 RCEs, up from 800 customers and 2,250 RCEs at the time of the acquisition less than two years ago. A second brand, Power Express, was launched in early 2015 and a third brand, Volterra Energy, is slated to be launched in March of this year.

Chief Executive Officer of Discount Power, Neville Ravji, stated “Our goal to provide Texas customers ‘great rates, great service’ has provided us healthy returns. Having been active in the retail electricity market since its inception, we believed that these are the only two things that matter to the customer. We also knew that confusing and gimmicky products can only fool ‘some people some of the time’ and in the long run, the customer, be it a residential customer or a commercial one, goes back to the basics.”

Discount Power has taken on a no-nonsense, customer service-oriented approach that focuses on consumer wants and needs, which includes providing low rates without hidden and deceptive language and top-notch customer relations. The Discount Power team believes these principles have proved vital to their success. In addition to their phenomenal growth, Discount’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is further testimony of the validation of this approach. Additionally, Discount Power is a final nominee for the 2015 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award by Energy Marketing Conferences.

“We could not continue to exceed goals without the help of a team that shares the same interest in Discount Power as we do – caring for customers,” expressed Mohsin Hassan, Chief Operating Office at Discount Power. “In two years, we have also developed in-house and third-party systems and processes that have allowed us to adhere to our vision and achieve our growth.  We are thankful that with endless options for energy providers here in Texas, so many consumers have chosen us to fulfill their retail electric needs.”

In 2016, Discount Power will be launching in new market segments in Texas, in addition to introducing new products and initiatives in current segments. Discount Power additionally plans to expand into new retail energy markets in the near future, showing new states the same level of service they provide deep in the heart of Texas.

For more information about Discount Power, visit https://discountpowertx.com/.

About Discount Power

Discount Power is a retail electric provider based in Houston, Texas. Discount Power is comprised of industry experts with more than 50 years of experience in the energy industry. The team at Discount Power has been involved in all of the business elements of the energy market since the beginning of retail deregulation in Texas and has collectively served hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers. Learn more about Discount Power by visiting us online.


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