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Energy-Saving Tips for a Valentine’s Day at Home

by On Feb 5 2016

Valentine’s Day is a few short days away! Before you start panicking over forgetting to make dinner reservations, we’ve put together some date night alternatives for a nice, quiet and intimate Valentine’s Day at home.


Here are four energy-saving tips for a romantic night at home:


Light your space with candles

Nothing says romance like a candle-lit dinner, or for that matter, an entire room filled with tealight candles. Candles create a romantic atmosphere and use zero energy, but make sure to keep an eye on them! If you’re worried about safety, battery-powered candles are a great alternative.


Whip up dinner in a slow cooker

Many people are surprised by the delicacies that can be made in a slow cooker. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it! This cooking tool uses a third less power over the course of eight hours than an oven does in one hour. Impress your date with these delicious recipes!


Power your movie with a power strip

What’s Valentine’s Day without a rom-com? Before you pop in the DVD, make sure your devices are plugged into a power strip. Your electronics use energy even when they’re off. Keep your electronics plugged into one strip and flip the switch off when the devices aren’t in use.


Warm up with a fireplace

Nothing is more soothing or romantic than a fire crackling. Amp up the romance by lighting your fireplace, but first take a few precautions. Insulate your chimney to improve its efficiency and install glass tempered doors and a heat-air exchange system, which will help circulate and maintain the heat in the room.


You don’t need to leave your home to have a great Valentine’s Day! Integrate these energy-saving tips into your date night at home and we’re sure it’ll be a good one! Are you planning an energy-friendly Valentine’s Day at home? Share your tips with us on Twitter!