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Houston Super Bowl Tips for Locals

by On Jan 15 2017

Talk about electricity—when the Super Bowl finally comes to town in Houston this February, the whole city will be crackling with energy. It will be the biggest sporting event of the year, and along with all of the joy and excitement will come the hassles, too: road closures, crazy traffic, full restaurants, and much more. Simply surviving the Super Bowl, let alone enjoying every minute of it, will take a little planning for Houstonians.

Because no one wants to be stuck at home or trapped on the freeway once the festivities kick off, Discount Power has assembled this handy list of tips for locals to enjoy Super Bowl weekend in Houston. Planning on simply staying in and watching the game on your giant television? We can help you power it for less! Click here for more information on why you should make the switch to Discount Power as your electricity provider today!

  1. Review your transportation plan.

The Super Bowl is much bigger than a football game—it’s a full week’s worth of events and performances that attract people from all over the country. The roads promise to be choked with traffic, especially those nearby NRG Stadium and the George R. Brown Convention Center. That’s why the city has put together its own transportation plan, called #KnowBeforeYouGo, to deal with the 120,000–160,000 extra people crowding into town. It includes info on Metro shuttles, road closures, parking, and bike lanes, and you can view it by clicking here.

  1. Don’t miss the free stuff.

Downtown’s Discovery Green park will play host to the a free, 10-day festival called Super Bowl Live, featuring music from local bands, food, games, and plenty of attractions to keep the estimated 1 million visitors who will descend upon Houston busy. The park’s giant, 15-foot football clock, counting down the hours left till the big game, makes for a great family photo-op!

  1. Get the full Experience.

This NFL Experience is an affordable, family-friendly event inside the George R. Brown that features interactive games, palyer autograph sessions, and sports activities for the kids, like kicking a field goal or playing a quick game. There will be Hall of Fame memorabilia on display, as well as limited-edition merchandise you can’t find anywhere else. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster.com.

  1. Be cool around all the famous people.

Celebrities from around the world will be flocking into Houston for the big game. Be a good host! Don’t interrupt them if they’re trying to eat or enjoy a private conversation. Instead, master the art of the discrete, over-the-shoulder selfie with the celebrity in the background. Then share your snaps with us on our Facebook page!

  1. Break out the grill.

Whether you’ll be tailgating at the stadium or just watching the game at home with the kids, football games demand grilled treats—always have. It’ll be cold in February, but not too cold to heat up some coals and throw down some burgers. Smoke a brisket, and you’ll be the MVP of your Super Bowl party.

  1. Try to forget about the Texans.

Barring an unprecedented miracle, it’s not likely that the Texans will be playing the Super Bowl in their home stadium. Put aside your normal rooting interests and enjoy the game for what it is: a spectacular exhibition by the two best teams in the NFL this year. (Not to mention a fantastic opportunity to eat your own bodyweight in chips and guacamole!) The Texans will make it to the big game someday—we hope!