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Importance of #AdoptDontShop

by On Mar 22 2016

This month’s installment of our #IHaveThePowerTo series is about creating positive change. #AdoptDontShop encourages potential pet owners to adopt from their local animal shelter instead of purchasing from a breeder. Each year, hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned and left to roam the streets.


National Puppy Day is tomorrow, so get out there and create positive change in your community and in the life of an animal by adopting! Here are four reasons why you should #AdoptDontShop:


Adopting is less expensive

First off, the adoption fees at your local animal shelter are significantly less than the hundreds of dollars you would pay for a full-breed pup. Oftentimes, the adoption fees go back to the shelter and help fund their day-to-day operations, food and medical care.


Shelters spay and neuter incoming animals

Pet overpopulation is a serious issue. Most animal shelters spay and neuter animals before putting them for adoption. Combat overpopulation by taking pets off the streets and giving them a forever home.


You’ll be saving a life

Few shelters in Texas are no-kill animal shelters. As shelters becoming overpopulated, they are forced to euthanize animals that have been there for an extended period of time. In the United States, 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year. Instead of supporting puppy mills, adopt a senior dog or cat that has been at the shelter for a while.


They’ll bring you a lifetime of happiness

There is no greater joy than having a pet. Adopted pets are so loving and affectionate and are always happy when you come home at the end of a long workday. Before you know it, your four-legged friend will be another member of the family.


If you’re looking to add a furry friend to your family or just looking for a companion, visit your local animal shelter and adopt! You’ll be saving a life and creating a positive change. If you’re looking for an animal shelter in Houston, visit Friends for Life, Special Pals Shelter or Citizens for Animal Protection. Dallas-area animal shelters include Dallas Pets Alive!, Humane Society of Dallas and Dallas Animal Services. Have you recently adopted a pet? Share your photos of your furry friends with us on Twitter using the hashtag #IHaveThePowerTo.