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Low-cost Ways to Cool Your Home and Save Money

by On Jan 5 2018

If your home gets a little too hot during the Texas summer, don’t think that cranking up the air conditioning is your only option. There are ways to lower the temperature of your home and make it more comfortable using lower amounts of electricity, which can save you money.

Here are a few methods for keeping cool in your apartment or house that require little time or effort and that are low-cost. These methods will also help lower your electricity bill!

Close or Open Doors

If you have a small apartment or home that uses window units, you may need to close or open doors in order to keep certain areas cool. For example, if you have a unit in your bedroom and only need to keep that space cool, make sure the bedroom door remains closed as much as possible.

If your concern is air conditioning the entire house, then keep the door open and ensure that furniture isn’t obstructing the airflow from the bedroom to the living room.

Close or Open Windows

When temperatures are low enough, you don’t always need to use your air conditioning system, particularly in early spring and late fall. Instead, consider turning off the A/C and opening your windows. This will allow the air to flow throughout your home and can lower the temperature by a few degrees. If you are running your A/C unit, then ensure that all windows and exterior doors are closed. You may also want to check for leaks in windows and doors.

Block the Sunlight

If you have blinds or curtains, keep them closed on sunny days. This will prevent your A/C unit from working as hard. When you leave your home, make it a habit to keep blinds and curtains closed, and do this consistently in rooms that aren’t used often or require less light.

Reset Your Ceiling Fan

Did you know your ceiling fan can change directions? Make sure that the blades on your fan are circulating air in the right direction. If they’re not, most ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to change the direction.

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