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New Year’s Resolutions for Saving Energy

by On Dec 20 2017

Among the top new year’s resolutions are losing weight, staying fit, getting organized, and learning new hobbies. Another theme among Americans’ top choices for resolutions is saving money. We try to save money in many ways, from slimming budgets to putting away extra earnings. One small way to make a difference in your budget is by saving energy. Saving energy can have a noticeable impact on your monthly electricity bill. This year, there are a few practices you can adopt for your resolutions that will help you save money and energy. The best part: they’re simple!


Turn Off the Lights—Always

This is something we all know we should do, but it doesn’t always happen. Simply turning off the lights saves plenty of electricity. This is a great habit to begin building with your children. To save even more electricity, consider installing timers in areas where lights are left on often. In outdoor areas, motion-sensor lights will also save a considerable amount of electricity.


Unplug, Unplug, Unplug

This is another simple way to save electricity that we often forget about. Look around your home. You can most likely find a dozen or more items that are plugged in but that are not in use. This can include toasters, phone chargers, televisions, coffee makers, and more. In order to save electricity, commit to buying power strips for the areas where you have multiple large appliances plugged in. Then, when you leave the house turn off the power strips.


Make Your Home More Efficient

For most people, home improvements are a chore. However, there are many weekend projects that can make your home more energy-efficient and save electricity. To stick with your new year’s resolution of making minor home improvements, put a calendar up and block off one weekend each month. During that time slot, mark off what home improvement project you want to tackle. It can be something as simple as installing a smart thermostat or a larger project of calling out a professional to take a look at air leaks in your home.


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