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Paper Bag Crafts for Crafty Kids

by On Feb 13 2018

Don’t let all those paper bags go to waste! Whether you use paper bags for school lunches or get them from the grocery store, there are hundreds of ways to turn a simple paper bag into fun and creative crafts. Here are a few creative ways you can spend an afternoon with the kids using paper bags:

  1. Paper Bag Piñata
    This crafty project is perfect for any celebration, and you can make it with craft supplies you most likely already have. Kids can customize the outside of the bag and fill it with their favorite healthy treats.
  2. Paper Bag Vase
    This is a cute project that, with a little help from parents, can make great gifts for family and teachers. Kids can create a paper bag vase and choose a plant to give as a gift.
  3. DIY Football
    We know you’re not supposed to play ball in the house, but this one you can! With a little imagination, you can turn a paper bag into a DIY football.
  4. Paper Bag Pirate
    These paper bag pirates are fun to make and encourage kids to use their imagination to create characters of their own. When they’re done creating their pirates, you can make them swab the deck!
  5. Paper Bag Owl
    This one will be a hoot with the kids! These paper bag owls are a great way to put together treat bags for classmates.
  6. Paper Bag Stars
    Kids will love to decorate their own paper bag stars, which can be used as decorations. You can make them large or small to fit their space.
  7. Halloween Costumes
    You can even use paper bags to create kids’ Halloween costumes! This is a fun way for kids to create their own costumes and characters.

Why buy new when you can reuse? We hope you enjoy these paper bag crafts. Remember to recycle all of your bags and other papers, whether they’re turned into crafts or not. For more recycled crafts, check out our blog.