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Saving Energy By Cleaning

by On Oct 20 2015

Get the duster and vacuum out, because it’s time to start cleaning! We know cleaning isn’t necessarily the most exciting of your weekend chores, but it can save you money on your energy bill. We have the inside scoop on how dusting can save you big bucks.


Dust your light bulbs.

Dust build up causes your lighting to look dimmer than it actually is. Clean up the dust and your bulbs will be brighter, meaning you won’t need as many additional light sources.


Clean the back of your fridge.

We’re so focused on cleaning the fridge interior that we sometimes neglect the exterior. Take a look behind your fridge and make sure that the coils on the back are dust free.


Install new air filters.

Clean or change your air filters monthly. Dirty filters increase energy costs and cause your air conditioner to function less efficiently.


Clean the dryer lint filter.

Before you move your clean laundry to the dryer, make sure that you have cleaned out your dryer lint. Having a dirty lint filter can increase your dryer’s energy use by 30 percent.


Keeping your home spick and span is a simple, effective way to keep energy costs low. How do you save energy by cleaning? Let us know on Twitter!