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The Best Energy-saving Tips for Pool Owners

by On Feb 12 2018

Pools are plenty of fun, but they often require quite a bit of electricity. To make your summer fun more efficient, there are a few energy-saving tips you can put into practice while still maintaining a clean and safe pool. Here are a few ideas for reducing the amount electricity you use maintaining your swimming pool:

  • Set your pump and system to run more in the spring and summer and less in the fall and winter.
  • Keep the pool free of debris by filtering the water, and check the skimmer every few days. This maximizes circulation of the water to lower the strain on your pool pump.
  • Clean your pool filter every few weeks to ensure your pump works efficiently.
  • Clean your pool regularly. We know pool maintenance isn’t the fun part of owning a pool, but clean water means the water will flow more efficiently, resulting in less strain on your pool equipment. Hang a calendar in your home that schedules out pool maintenance for the year, and you’re set.
  • Run your pump no more than eight hours per day. This is the average amount of time that most backyard pools call for. Check with your pool maintenance professional for the most accurate length of time for your pool.
  • If your pool has a heater, this is a primary source of energy consumption. Heaters often run much longer than needed due to evaporation. The solution to this heat loss is putting a cover on your pool. A cover not only saves energy, but many covers can also make a pool safer for children.
  • Use a more efficient pool heater. A small investment in a new, more efficient pool heater can result in big savings on your electricity bill. Solar heaters are becoming more popular and have a smaller up-front cost than you might think.

By following these tips, you’re on your way to big savings on your electricity bill. To start saving today, find a lower electricity rate! You can view our current promotions here.