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Tips for a More Organized Holiday Party

by On Nov 12 2017

Thanksgiving is a busy time for every host and hostess. At Discount Power, we know how daunting this time can be! That’s why we’ve put together a list of a few helpful tips that will help you plan a perfect Thanksgiving day and even save electricity!


Create a Plan

This sounds simple, but it’s important to put your plan on paper. Whether you prefer to type up a word document or grab a legal pad, there are a few things you need to plan out for the big day. Create a timeline including when your guests will arrive, when people who are helping cook will arrive, when items need to be taken in and out of the oven, and meal time. This timeline might even begin the day before, when you stuff the turkey. In your plan, you should also include what needs to be accomplished outside the kitchen, such as cleaning the house, rearranging seating, or finding more dining chairs.


Electricity-saving Tip: Include when you’ll have a full house on your timeline with a reminder to turn down your thermostat. If it’s a cold day, you won’t need to use as much electricity heating your home. The oven and your guests will warm up the house for you.


Eliminate Unnecessary Dishes

Remember that dish you make every year that is left untouched? To make this a stress-free holiday, eliminate this dish from your lineup. This will allow you to focus on the dishes that everyone will gobble up. If you still have that itch to cook an additional dish, try something new!


Cook Ahead of Time

There are some items you might be able to make ahead of time and freeze, such as pie crusts. You might also be able to cook side dishes ahead of time and reheat them in the oven. While making a list of what to cook ahead of time, make a list of what you need your guests to bring as well.


Energy-saving Tip: The oven and stove might be full the day of. If you know you can cook something in your slow cooker, use it! A slow cooker will also use less electricity than extending the use of your oven.


The Discount Power team wishes you a happy Thanksgiving! We hope these tips help you plan a stress-free holiday.