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Your Energy-Saving Vacation Checklist

by On Mar 8 2016

Picture it, day 1 of the annual spring break family vacation. The kids are running a muck, the adults are still packing and you almost forgot about the dog! We know that leaving for vacation is usually done in a rush, but taking energy saving measures the day you leave for a multi-day trip is important for both the environment and your pocketbook.


Here’s our checklist for what to do the day you leave for vacation to save money and energy.


Timed lighting: It’s routine to leave a light or two on while out of the house to deter burglars. An even better deterrent (and energy-saving one!) is to put lights on programmable timers. You can find timers at any home improvement store for under $10. Set it to go on and off at various times throughout the day to make it seem as though someone is home.


Electronics and appliances: Unplug large appliances and electronics throughout the house, such as the computer, TV and gaming consoles.


Water heater: We all tend to forget about the water heater, but no one is taking a shower if you’re all away. Turn off the breaker to the water heater to save while you’re away.


Surge protectors: Unplug or turn off all of the surge protectors throughout the home to prevent electronics from using energy. Even electronics that are turned off will use a small amount!


Heating and cooling: Turn off fans, heaters and air conditioning before you head out the door. You can use a mobile app and thermostat to turn the air conditioning or heater back on an hour or two before you get home.


Blinds and curtains: Close all of the blinds and curtains to keep your home warmer or cooler depending on the weather. This will keep the chilly or hot air out, and prevent pesky burglars from seeing into your home.


These energy-saving tips should take less than 20 minutes to take care of before you leave, so make it a part of your pre-vacation routine. Do you have any energy-saving tips you use before leaving for vacation? Let us know on Twitter!