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Ways to Recycle This Summer

by On Jun 6 2016

The importance of recycling is a continuously growing issue. Human beings contribute significant waste to the planet over their lifetime. The world is continuing to grow in population, so this issue will only become worse. If every individual dedicated themselves to just a few acts of recycling, this could help improve the planet!

Here are a few ideas to start implementing in your every day activities to recycle.

Keep recycle bins easily accessible and USE them

Having multiple recycle bins around, especially in the office, will help remind people how easy it is to place paper in the recycle bin instead of the trash can. Ease of access is everything when you have a busy schedule.

Recycle outdated technology

With the ever-changing advancement in technology, consumers are buying the newest items as they come out. People are bound to rack up or hold on to old pieces of technology simply because they aren’t sure what to do with them now that they have no use for them. Find a store or recycle center in your area that takes old pieces of technology.

Buy remanufactured ink cartridges

Most times they are actually cheaper than brand new toner packages. This is a no brainer; it’s cheaper and you are doing your recycle duty all in one!

Buy rechargeable batteries

Batteries can be expensive, so why not buy some you can use over and over again? This will help recycle and save you money!

Donate old clothes

Unless the article of clothing is completely destroyed or ripped, try donating it to someone in need. Most times people stop wearing clothing either because they grew out of them or they just don’t like them any longer. If it can still be of good use, donate it!

Bring re-useable bags grocery shopping

This one can be tough when going on a big grocery-shopping trip. However, the re-useable bags are much larger than the plastic bags, therefore they can hold a lot more. It is better to eliminate the use of plastic as much as possible than to do nothing at all.

What ways do you implement recycling in to your every day life? Share with us on Twitter!